Every Women Can Benefit Hugely From Strength Training

Over the last couple of decade’s strength training exercise has traditionally been a favorite male activity but that has changed and women are embracing it in gyms and health clubs all over the world with increasing enthusiasm. The advantages of strength training for women should not be underestimated as no other activity can give them the tremendous health benefits that a proper exercise program can provide.It is strange that some women still think you get huge muscles when you strength train, yet nothing could be further from the truth. You will not get big muscles…not anytime soon… in fact not ever.What you will get is the best fat loss tool available to speed up your metabolism and help you manage your weight, stronger bones so you can ward off osteoporosis, strong muscles so you can zap your everyday chores, more energy, more vitality and better overall physical, mental and emotional well-being.One very important benefit from becoming stronger is that you reduce your risk of injury by building strong muscles to cushion and protect your joints. A recent 12 year study proved that strengthening lower back muscles had an over 80 percent success rate in eliminating and alleviating lower back pain. A strong muscular system also gives you better balance to reduce the risk of falling and if you do fall your firm and toned muscles protect your joints and bones from injury.The most precious benefit of all is the much greater protection from disease as when your body is strong all of its systems are strengthened as well including the immune system. This added protection is very important when our largely inactive world is plagued by ‘chronic lifestyle diseases’ like heart disease, cancer and diabetes and dozens of others that strike women as much as they do men.So all in all you need to put aside any old limiting beliefs from the dark ages and if you have not already get yourself started on a proper strength training program so you too can reap the multitude of health benefits.If you are new to this form of activity the best place to begin is your local gym or fitness center as they will set up your program and show you how to do the exercises correctly and safely. The quickest and best results come from performing your program at the correct level of intensity (degree of effort) as if you are not putting in some effort you will be very disappointed in your results.You will see positive changes in just a few weeks and over a period of time the benefits will continue to show themselves much to your delight. Your mood will improve and you will feel happier and healthier. And the good part is it is never too late to benefit to matter whether you are 20 years old or 70 plus years old your body will respond the same and you will reap the abundant health benefits that can help you lead a better longer life.

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